When A Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean?

December 21, 2022 4 min read

When A Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean?

Between a lack of lubrication, uncomfortable angles, and not being in the right ~mood~, there are lots of opportunities for sex to go wrong. One of the most frustrating outcomes, though? When your partner doesn't last long enough.

In reality, premature ejaculation is nothing to be ashamed of, and we don’tneedan erect penis in order to have an orgasm, anyway. If you understand the clitoris, give great oral sex, and are open to using toys, you're perfectly capable of being an amazing lover whether the hard-on lasts two minutes or two hours in bed.

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There can be many reasons a man may reach orgasm quickly, but one of the most common reasons for premature ejaculation is excitement, especially when it's excitement about a new sexual partner.

Like many women love new shoes, many, manymen love new sexual experiences with new sexual partners. Don’t get me wrong: we love having the same old sexual experiences with old partners, too, especially if it’s been a long time since our last visit.

When a woman finally lets us past the pearly gates, we've often spent so much energy on the chase that it all explodes suddenly like a proverbial ticking time bomb. Then you look at us and we look at you as if to say, "Oops, sorry... I’ll be ready next time" silently praying to ourselves that we’ll be back in action before you change your mind. So let’s figure out why some men bust a nut so fast.

Performance Anxiety

Men may come fast to prove to themselves that they can perform in bed. Men who worry about maintaining an erection end up rushing to ejaculation. This can become a habit making it hard for them to stop.

Performance anxiety is very real and many men struggle with it. The pressure to satisfy their partner is rather high and men need to understand that even if they don’t last in bed for too long, there are other ways to satisfy their partner like oral sex.

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Sexual Inexperience

Do you remember that movie where a virgin boy ended up orgasming before the “sex” even basically started?

The reason for the joke about younger guys reaching orgasm too fast is so popular is because it has a grain of truth. When a guy has no experience in the bedroom other than masturbating his nights away, the possibility of bumping boots with an actual woman triggers a psychological response that is intense, fast and irreversible. The good news is that as time and the amount of sessions go on, they will end up lasting longer if no medical issue persists.

Sexual Drought

Very often premature ejaculation is tied to emotional/psychological issues. This means you might find that he needs to build up some stamina when it comes to bedroom antics and intimacy.

This isn’t something to be worried about, though. Try recalling if he’s mentioned not having been sexually active when/if you were discussing past experiences. 

Sometimes men finish fast because of other emotional issues, such as performance anxiety or stress. Especially if your partner hasn’t been sexually active recently, being nervous to get intimate with a new partner is completely understandable.

This will all improve over time. The more you have sex and the more you get comfortable with each other, the more his stamina will grow along with sexual confidence.

It’s Not Him, It’s You

Next up in the things it means when a man nuts fast is that he’s very, very excited by you specifically. He might be busting in seconds because there just might be something about the way you look or feel that drives him wild. 

He might be lasting for half an hour with other women but with you the plot changes. Think about it for a moment, have you been imagining him in bed and what it will be like? Well, he’s certainly been thinking about getting you into bed too.

This means that when it does happen, it can be easy for him to get overexcited, which results in finishing too fast. After all, ejaculation is a reflex action and happens when the sexual act reaches a high level of excitement.

You might want to consider this as a compliment. 

Porn Addiction

Now when it comes to the things it means when a man nuts fast, this is one of the more uncomfortable subjects.

I’m talking about porn. 

About 30% of all traffic and data online is porn and porn-related, so this is not something that only one guy somewhere watched once a couple of months ago. 

In addition to being addictive, porn can also cause serious sexual issues. Chief among those are erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE). 

Basically, too much porn can make you over excited and orgasm sooner than you would like to.

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Anxiety is a mental health issue that many people dismiss, but it can have some serious effects. For men, it can cause issues in the bedroom.

Their mind is clouded and busy, so they have trouble controlling their bodies' normal functions 

Relationship Issues

Premature Ejaculation can happen when the relationship is in conflict. The idea of not knowing what is going on in the relationship or where you both stand can create tension in bed.


If a man's hormones are out of whack you can expect their body to function differently... like coming too fast.

Also if their neurotransmitters — the little compounds that carry impulses/messages from the brain to other parts of the body — are out of sorts, it can be difficult to perform properly in the bedroom.

There is nothing to be shy about, a lot of men face the same issue and you might not be alone. Just talk to your partner and if you feel this might be a medical issue then you might want to consult a doctor.




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