How Can Men Increase Their Sexual Stamina?

August 04, 2022 7 min read

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More stamina is never a bad thing or a problem when it comes to performing in bed. If you last longer in bed, it can enhance both your and your partner’s pleasure and it will make sex a much more fulfilling and enjoyable experience for the both of you.

If you want to last longer in bed and want to increase your sexual stamina, there are many things that you can do by making smaller changes in your habits and lifestyle by using different kinds of food and even some medications.  

The Basics of Sexual Stamina

Before we get into how you can boost your stamina, let’s discuss what is sexual stamina exactly. Sexual stamina as most of us define it is our ability to sustain sex before we orgasm or ejaculate or before we need to take a break. Multiple factors can affect and limit our sexual stamina.

  1. Ejaculation and or Orgasm: For most guys, reaching orgasm or ejaculation is what affects their sexual stamina. As we know that once you ejaculate, you would have to take a break and wait for your refractory period to pass which can last from 15 minutes to even 24 hours. If you suffer from premature ejaculation then you would find it difficult to have sex more than a few minutes before you ejaculate or reach your orgasm.

  2. ED / Erectile Dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction which is also known as impotence, is basically defined as not being able to get or maintain an erection which also ultimately affects your sexual stamina. A lot of people who have ED might actually lose their erection or not even get an erection before sex. 

  3. Exhaustion: Sex is tiring, and we all know it. If you are a couple that likes to go at it all hard and heavy and if you aren’t in the best form physically then you would definitely be feeling tired even before you reach orgasm.

  4. Stress: Many times our mind affects our performance. If we are stressed, anxious or depressed then we might not be able to perform in the way that we would like. 

Ways to Increase Sexual Stamina & Last Longer

Increasing your sexual stamina is about identifying particular factors that might be hindering performance and working on fixing them. There are many ways by which you can increase your stamina and last longer. We have shared a few particular ones that many of us might overlook.

Your Heart Matters

Sex is actually a mild to even a moderate form of cardiovascular exercise and anything that you do to improve your heart health will automatically benefit your stamina and performance. Maintain a moderate intensity aerobic session per week. You can try walking around your neighborhood, bike ride, or a treadmill or just a jog in the park. Regular exercise strengthens the heart and allows you to take part in all kinds of physical activities and will also boost your blood flow and will also help you maintain your erections better and for longer.

Overall Strength is Important

We know how important your heart health is, it is also important to maintain overall health and strength. Maintaining body strength and conditioning have the biggest impact on your stamina. Stronger muscles make healthier joints and that makes sex so much easier and allows you to do much more in bed. Try training your muscles twice a week. You can do weights, group workouts, pushups, squats and other exercises.

Double the Foreplay

The easiest and most effective way to make your sessions last longer is to spend more time on foreplay. This could include kissing, touching and performing oral sex on each other. The trick is that how much ever long you think that foreplay should last, Double It!

Please Them First

Most times if you concentrate on making sex pleasurable for yourself, then you will definitely orgasm early and wouldn’t be able to last too long . Taking a mental step back to improve your sexual stamina is extremely important. Make your partner’s pleasure the first goal and think about all the ways that you can pleasure your partner. This would normally include switching between speed, intensity, positions, techniques and keeping in mind and understanding what contributes to your partner’s pleasure. Focusing on your partner’s pleasure will not only enhance the experience but will automatically make you last longer.

Weight Plays A Role

We know all about the health hazards that obesity is associated with and one of the most known risks is of sexual dysfunction because of unhealthy weight. In men, it is known that very high weight risks erectile dysfunction and for you to maintain sexual function and stamina, you need to maintain a proper weight and BMI.

Sleep Patterns

Most people around the world get less than seven hours of sleep. This lack of sleep can be associated with multiple health issues like depression, anxiety, diabetes and obesity and all these result in decreasing your stamina and performance. If you want to increase your stamina then you need to work on your sleep schedule and quality.

Slow & Steady

Most guys end up reaching orgasm too early because they rush everything from foreplay and sex in itself and do not take a moment to slow down. Taking it slow isn’t actually a bad idea and it can even help you last longer. You don’t always need intensity throughout, but you can actually take a step back and dial it down and perform better at different intensities. Once your focus is on actually enjoying the moment rather than rushing, your performance and stamina would automatically improve. 

Coffee Date with Yourself

While coffee and caffeine does increase anxiety, it has been proved in multiple researches that men who consume 2-3 cups of coffee per day are less likely to develop erectile dysfunction. Just do not go overboard with the coffee otherwise you would keep yourself up all night while your partner sleeps. 

Alcohol, A Boone

While a glass of wine or a bottle of beer might be okay once in a while when you are out and about but drinking excessively creates a negative impact not just on your sexual stamina but your over all social and personal life and also puts your body at risk to multiple diseases. It is believed that drinking slows down orgasm which means that you would be lasting longer but it has been suggested that excessive drinking actually causes sexual problems which is also known as whiskey dick.

Masturbation Can Help

Men need some time to recover after ejaculating which is known as the refractory period and this lasts anywhere from a few minutes to more than a day. If you have been seeing problems regarding your performance then masturbating a few hours depending on your refractory period, this will ensure that your orgasm slows down and you last longer. You need to balance out the time and if you do this right then this can be a great technique. You will need to experiment what timing works for you because if you masturbate too near the time then you will be stuck in your refractory period and if you masturbate too early then you won’t see any benefit. Male arousal is not a simple thing to understand. Experiment and learn as you go.


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No Smoking Please

Smoking has multiple negative effects on our body. It risks your lungs, heart, cancer, diabetes and definitely affects your sexual performance. Nicotine constricts the blood's vessels and restricts blood flow through the body. Many researchers have found that men who smoke showed symptoms of ED and other related sexual problems. Men that quit smoking have also shown improvement in terms of sexual performance. 

Limit the Porn

Watching porn occasionally is completely fine but making it a daily habit there is a high chance that it can affect your sexual performance. Many people who consume porn at a high rate feel a dissatisfaction in real life with a partner because they start comparing reel life with their real life. Try taking a break once in a while and focus on what are your likes and dislikes in the real world.

Stop & Start Technique

Want an easy and simple way to improve your performance? Try the Start and Stop method. While you are having sex are close to ejaculating, slow down decrease the intensity or stop completely until the desire to orgasm fades away and begin again. This will not only make you last longer but will also keep your partner on their toes and give a completely different sensation once you orgasm. 

Squeezing Can Help

Have you tried the squeezing technique? This involves in squeezing the head of the penis right before you orgasm for about 30 seconds until the orgasm fades away and then continue to have sex again. Just like the start and stop technique you and partner can continue having sex for a longer time and the orgasm later would feel even more intense. 

Edging is Your Best Friend

Edging is a technique much like the start and stop one which involves masturbating until you are at the point of the orgasm and stopping completely and walking away from the edge. The idea is to control yourself and get your mind ready to not fall over the edge completely and last longer in bed. There isn’t much proof of this method working but a lot of people swear by this technique. 


The simplest of solutions are actually right in your pocket. Many people are not able to last longer because they find sex overly stimulating. If you try a thicker condom then the sensation might reduce a little allowing you to last longer in bed. Brands that sell ‘extended pleasure’ condom actually in reality are much thicker and reduce the over stimulating sensation making you last longer. 

Professional Help

From psychological factors to physiological factors, some things are just out of your hands and you might need to see a professional to figure out exactly what the issue is. Depression, anxiety and stress affect sexual performance at a larger level and only a professional can help in this matter. As a part of the treatment, there might be medication, therapy or exercise and a combination of two of these or all three. 

We know that better stamina means lasting longer and extended pleasure. There are so many things one person can do from changing their diet to even changing the particular type of clothes they wear. You need to figure out what your body needs and experiment and treat it in the needed way. 

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