Which is the Best Sex Position? Positions, Tips and Tricks

August 02, 2022 5 min read

Which is the Best Sex Position? Positions, Tips and Tricks

Every man at least once in his life suffers from premature ejaculation and sex with a partner creates even more anxiety. Questions like will I reach orgasm too quickly? Or will she be disappointed? Are very common and often increase sexual anxiety causing even more stress.

There are multiple methods that can make men last long. With food habits, exercises and techniques there are also some sex positions that make you last longer and provide some intense orgasms. You might not realizes this but how you have sex impacts how you have an orgasm.


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There’s always a new position with a new sensation that you can try out with your partner. How many sex positions are there? There is no set answer, but there are enough positions to make sure that no experience of yours has to be the same whether you’re playing solo or riding the bull with a partner.

Well a quickie and the occasional missionary will guarantee the big O but branching out and trying out something new and different will definitely not be a bad idea. Everyone’s sex life is evolving and maybe the techniques and need to evolve too. Sometimes you need a new position to knock them boots off.  

To help you out we have combined a guide to the best sex positions that even ensure her pleasure. Women and man don’t always agree when it comes to pleasurable sex because they are so different in their body types that what may be pleasurable to one partner might not be allot of fun for another.

We often hear that women cannot orgasm only through intercourse and this is because intercourse without any other kind of stimulation is designed in such a way that only a man can be satisfied with it and it often leaves women on the edge.

There are multiple sex positions that you can try out and here are a few that you can combine with the holy trifecta of oral sex, lubrication and honest communication you can create fireworks right there in your bedroom. While deep penetration is what some women want, for others it can be a little painful so remember to take steps that make both you and them physically and emotionally comfortable with any of the positions that you may try. Sex helps women in a variety of ways, including pain alleviation, better cardiovascular health, decreased melancholy and anxiety, and increased self-esteem. 

The CAT - Coital Alignment Technique

The CAT is designed to perform the perfect clitoral stimulation. It is a modification and an upgrade on the basic missionary position where the woman has her legs together and the man has his legs apart. Although this position may not allow the man for complete penetration but even they feel all the sensations that they usually do in missionary. Because of the angle of this position, as the thrusts keep going there is simultaneous clitoral stimulation which ensures the big O for both the partners.

Edge of The Bed

This one is more famous than the CAT because this one allows deep penetration and both men and women love that feeling. This is a simple one as well. The woman lies on the edge of the bed while the partner enters from between and under her legs. While the woman can have her legs on his torso or bent in the air or on his shoulders. Your choice of angle will impact how deeply the guy penetrates.

Pirate’s Bounty

Are you a couple that is looking for some new position to try tonight which gives deep penetration while also stimulating the clitoris. Then the Pirate’s Bounty position is for you. It’s a win-win for both and an easy position as well. The man kneels in front of the woman while she lies down with one leg over his shoulder and the other around his thigh. You can add a pillow under her and this will make the orgasm last even longer.

The Sunday Afternoon

The name sounds lazy doesn’t it? The ease and comfort of this position is where the name comes from. And what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than giving the clit some love. This one is a tiny variation of the scissors position. The man lies on his side while the woman lies on her back. While one of her legs can be wrapped around his hip the other can be wrapped around the lower leg to pull him in closer. So are you thinking of making some Sunday plans with your partner?


This one doesn’t ask for much effort from either party. This is a variation of woman on top as well and it lazily puts her in charge and gives him complete access and control over her clitoris and breasts. While he sits down she kneels on his lap with her legs outside of his on either side. Since the couple is facing each other in this position, this also provides a different kind of intimacy. You can even use some variations for different feelings; you could either cuddle in close or she could arch her back away for a different feeling all together.

Cow Girl

The women love this because they are in control and the men are a fan because of the view that this position provides and also a little rest from all the work that the man has to do. The cowgirl position gives the entire control to the woman, she decides how deep or how fast and at what angle she likes it. 

Doggy Style

Do you need us to tell you about this position or are you already aware? This or any variation of entering from the back is generally a position both partners love. Although the man may seem in control, this position also allows some control to her in terms of pace and also either of your hands are free for your preferred clitoral stimulation.

Her Favorite

A position that is her favorite will first and foremost focus on her orgasm and this will automatically make you last longer in bed. Communication is important in any aspect of the relationship and is definitely important in bed as well. Ask her what her favorite position is and you never know this might provide the spice that your relationship might have needed. Talk to her and you never know her favorite might also become your favorite.

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