Terms and Conditions

Read the Terms and Conditions statement carefully before accepting the compliance statement provided on our website to avail our services.

Willingness to avail our services and the subscriptions indicates that you have understood and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by our Terms, do not agree to subscribe for any of our services and products.

The usage of “you” in the conditions statement indicates the end user of our products and services, propagated through our website. All independent third-party services are termed as “Service Providers” and usage of “our”, “us”, and “we”, refers to our website, company and our partners and affiliates.


Our website is an e-commerce portal that offers internet based content. It is operated and managed by our company in compliance with the laws stated by the country.

We reserve the sole discretion for accepting a user to register on the website for availing the services. The company reserves the right to refrain a person from registering on the website without any need to provide the reason for the same. Users are provided the services available on the website with the condition that they can in no way modify the conditions and the terms specified in the Terms and Conditions statement.

Security and Safety

Users are provided with username and password upon completion of the website’s registration process. The users are held responsible for the maintaining the confidentiality of their account information along with the activities that are done under the person’s account information. Unauthorized activity in your account or any form of security breach needs to be informed to us and ensure that you exit your account after the session ends. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that you incur due to the noncompliance to these terms.


Our website offers several online based services to the users. Users can avail the original products bearing our brand name from the website. Once the order has been placed, you are entitled to make the payment for the services that you have taken up from our website.

Privacy Policy

As a user, you hereby agree that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy statement of our company’s website. Further, you agree that all the terms in the privacy statement are acceptable to you.

Limited user

Users are restricted from modifying, reproducing, distributing, publishing or displaying any form of content available on our website. Users are provided limited access to copying and reproducing the content on our website, provided that we are mentioned as the source and a written permission needs to be obtained from us beforehand. We do not permit any type of wholesale or unlimited copying, reproducing, displaying or modifying the data from our website.

Rules and Conduct for Users

User’s content must agree with the rules and the conduct statement mentioned here. While agreeing to avail the service, the users cannot,

  1. Violate, defame, threaten, stalk or harass the legal rights of other person.
  2. Users cannot upload, publish or post any form of derogatory content or pictures that are considered to be abusive or obscene for the other users.
  3. Post or upload files that are IPR protected, unless they bear your name as the owner, after getting the necessary consents.
  4. Upload files that contain malware or virus or software that can damage the other user’s computer when used.
  5. Send pyramid letters, conduct surveys or requests to people.
  6. Illegally distribute the downloaded content that has been posted by another user.
  7. Delete or falsify the data and the content such as legal notices and proprietary designations that are present in the files.
  8. Violate the rules and the conduct that have been mentioned for the services.
  9. Violate the general laws and the regulations mentioned in the Indian law
  10. Exploit and violate the Terms and Conditions statement provided in the website.
  11. Violate the existing services mentioned in the website.
  12. Make any kind of derogatory or defaming statements against our company, affiliates and the associate partners.

Warranty and representation

The warranty and the guarantee statement state that the user is the owner of the content mentioned by them on the website. The content provided cannot be an infringement to the IPR of the other users and the associates. You need to warrant that there is no action, suit or threaten to the content you have posted or the trademark that you have used.

Product exactness

We do not provide any guarantee for the final appearance of the product that you receive during the delivery. The quality of the product, the information or the services delivered to you may not meet your expectations. Minor alterations to the product’s size, colour and shape may be possible. In the case of alterations, you agree that our representative would contact you for the same and would send you an approval request through email. You get to avail two modes of re-requests for the product alteration. If you fail to get back to us for the 2nd re-request, your order would be cancelled and the money would be refunded through the mode of payment you selected while placing the order, within 15 days period.

Third-party sites

Our website provides links to other “third-party” sites. We do not control any of the websites and cannot be held responsible for the contents displayed on the linked sites. We are also not responsible for any form of transmission that takes place between you and the linked sites. These links are provided for convenience and we do not endorse any of the products. You are advised to check for the accuracy of the website before dealing with the linked sites.

Disclaimer of warranty

Our products follow the first come first serve rule and thus the customers are expected to login to their accounts early to avail the products. There is no restock of the soled our merchandise and we would notify the customers only if the product has been sold out.

The Contest’s terms statement is available separately and in case they differ from the existing terms statement of the website, Contest’s T&C prevails.

We are not responsible for the loss incurred by you due to the decline in the authorization for the payment by the account holder, if the preset limit negotiated by us and the acquiring bank is exceeded.

Our website contains no form of content that or products that have any kind of hidden warranties or representations. All our contents are “as is” and does not entertain any kind of infringement to the existing regulations.

After reading the warranty disclaimer you agree that,

  • You will not resort to any interruption of the business
  • Provide access delay to the website
  • Corrupt, modify or disrupt the content on the website
  • We are not responsible for the loss incurred due to the off-website links
  • You cannot hold us responsible for the entry of viruses or system failure while using our website
  • No omission of the website content
  • We are not responsible for the events that occur beyond our control

All products on our website are made from natural formulations and we make sure that they do not cause any harm to you, to a great extent. It is possible that certain ingredients may cause allergies to certain people. Refer to the product’s ingredients and the usage instructions before choosing them. You are required to take the responsibility for availing the medical help and the assistance for your allergies.


You agree to hold harmless and indemnify our company against any form of loss , liabilities, costs, damages and expense that we have incurred due to the non-performance or the breach of any representation, agreement or warranty covenant that are an obligation to the Terms of our company.


All prices are mentioned along with the products on the websites. The prices mentioned here are in INR. The prices for the products and the services are subject to change with our discretion.


Risk of loss and the title for the ordered products would be transferred to the you after we have shipped out the products.


We follow a standard delivery process and your order will be delivered within 2-4 business days.


We reserve the right to terminate your authority to avail the services if your activities have breached the user conduct. We delete all the information regarding your use of the services on our website after your termination. You are responsible to pay for the services that you have already ordered till the time of termination.


For easy interpretation and identification, we have provided the subheadings and the headings. These cannot be used for the interpretation or to define certain terms that you can find on the website.

Gender and number interpretation

All terms mentioned here include the singular and the plural form. Masculine and the feminine context would be followed or preceded by the respective pronouns. Until and otherwise mentioned, the context provided indicates to the entire Terms.


Invalidity in enforcing certain parts of the Terms shall be in effect only for the particular reason, while the remaining part of the Terms would hold true in all cases.

Report abuse

Users are responsible for the content uploaded on the website and we do not review or endorse the content put forth by the users, before they are put up on the website. Users are legally accountable for the content that they upload and are responsible if they contain any derogatory or defaming content. Report such abuses to our customer helpline.

Unauthorized activity on card

If there is an unauthorized activity on your card for our website without your consent, check with the colleagues, family members and your friends for confirmation. Unauthorized transactions must be reported to us within 60 days so that we can begin our investigation on this matter.

Cancelling fraudulent orders

We regularly monitor the transactions to keep track of the security of the customers. We reserve the right to cancel all past, present and future transactions of the account if we find any fraudulent transaction. We have the right to refuse the transaction of the products that do not have correct pricing or due to stock unavailability. Official verifications are required for the order confirmation. Order cancellation would be informed to the customers and the money would be refunded to the account. Promotional vouchers will not be refunded.

Bulk order cancellation

Bulk orders can be cancelled by us at any stage. Criteria for bulk order includes,

  1. Products purchased for commercial resale
  2. Multiple orders for the product to same address
  3. Large numbers of the same product ordered
  4. Invalid address
  5. Use of malpractice to order products


Few products at our store can be found to be mispriced, though we ensure that we check the prices before the sales. Items would be sold at the lower price if our stated price is higher than the product’s price. If it is higher than our stated price, your order would be cancelled and we would inform you about the same.

Materials ownership on the site

Until stated otherwise, we own the copyright to the products that are available on our website. You can access only very little information of the content and the images with the limited license facility.


Brand names, products and services mentioned on our website will bear our trademark unless stated otherwise. Our products and services cannot be marketed without getting prior written permission from our company.


Content provided on the pages are the sole property of our company and reproduction of the same is not permissible unless,

  • You have license to copy for personal use
  • You have license to copy with limited purposes

Content can be recopied for third-party individuals, provided,

  1. Our company is given as the source for the information
  2. All conditions that we have put forth has to be followed by the third-party companies

Terms amendment

Our website and our company reserve the sole right to make amendments to the T&C and the revised conditions would be posted on the website.

Laws that govern

The terms in the T&C statement are in compliance with the laws present in India.


You agree that the Terms and Conditions statement provides the agreement between us and our concerns towards the use of our services on the website. We reserve the right to make changes to the conditions and the same would become final after they have been posted on the website. The customer’s continued use of the site indicates that they agree to the modified T&C.

The terms in the T&C can in no way be used for creating a partnership or an enterprise between you and the company. If certain terms become invalid or not enforceable, then such statements would be modified and the new T&C would take effect.

Terms for offers and promotions

  • Discount rates would be applicable after factoring in the VAT and the taxes
  • Single order can take up only one credit card or gift voucher unless stated otherwise
  • Customers having accounts on the website would be given promotional vouchers and can be used only from their account
  • Contest terms remains the same regardless of the offers that we introduce from time to time
  • We reserve the right to modify or delete certain terms that are existing on the offers and the promotions and we can also remove a certain offer scheme from the market
  • All queries related to the gift vouchers and coupons can be cleared through the customer helpline
  • By participating in our contests, you release us from any harm from your claim, excluding the attorney’s fee
  • We reserve the right to cancel the orders that you have placed using the promotional vouchers in case of discrepancies
  • Agencies that issue unauthorized vouchers for our company would be subject to legal actions

T&C for end of season sale

  1. The sale is applicable till the stocks last and they are mainly reserved for the lifestyle products
  2. Signup coupons cannot be used for the discounted items
  3. EOSS and discounted rates are applicable only to certain product categories
  4. Typographical errors might occur while we get information about the product or the prices from the merchant and the service providers
  5. Promotions and discounts can be combined only with our permission
  6. We have the right to extend or terminate the sales at any point
  7. We reserve the dole right to amend or modify any part of the promotions or the sale with another promotion at any point
  8. Offers are not transferable and do not hold cash value
  9. Refunds for the offers would be in the form of vouchers
  10. Contact the customer helpline for queries related to the coupons and sales


Customer care

For queries related to product status or general queries related to the products, send an email or call the customer helpline.

Solidus Lifesciences Private Limited

25, Sector 2, Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh

Email: care@skinelements.in

Phone : +91-7807198000


If you find that certain services or products or ours are not satisfactory, let us know by raising a complaint.

Solidus Lifesciences Private Limited

25, Sector 2, Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh

Email: care@skinelements.in

Phone : +91-7807198000