The Male Sex Drive: Everything You Really Wanted to Know

August 16, 2022 4 min read

All About Male Arousal

Sexual response is what people describe as what goes on inside your body and how it makes us feel and how our body responds to sex.

4 Stages of Sexual Response

1. Excitement

Excitement increases your heartbeat and makes your breathing heavy as well. You would notice your skin gets red as well. As blood flows to your genitals, the penis swells up and gets erect or what we call it in millennial language is “hard on”. 

2. Changes

Changes in your body intensifies as your sexual tension intensifies. You would notice changes in your breathing, blood pressure and heartbeat. The testicles pull upward.

3. Orgasm

As sexual excitement intensifies and reaches peak, your muscles continuously contract and as your body releases tension the muscles of your vagina and uterus contract and the muscles at the base of the penis contract and release semen and that is what is known as an orgasm.

4. Relaxation

As all the pent up energy is released, your body returns to its normal state. Your muscles will relax and breathing will also calm. Your genitals would turn to their original size and color and the feeling of satisfaction will take over your body.

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These four phases biologically define every body, but all bodies are different and how a body reacts cannot exactly be put into segments. It’s not important for all sexual activities to lead to orgasm.

 Orgasms aren’t even the end goal to sex. Some people partake in sexual activity just to increase intimacy with their partner or to keep their partner happy. 

Unique Sexual Response

Sexual Response doesn’t actually differ by gender or orientation but the sexual encounter itself. Your sexual response varies and is unique in every sexual encounter.

When you desire someone for a long time and you finally partake in sexual activity, the arousal phase or the excitement phase passes by much faster.

In a new relationship, desire comes before arousal, while for those people who have been in a long term relationship, excitement comes before desire.

Can Things Go Wrong?

Erectile problems can make sex difficult and even painful. These physical problems can trigger problems like low or no desire for sex. Some people never get aroused but are generally content with their sex lives.

What is the Male Orgasm?

The male orgasm occurs when the sexual pleasure peaks. The major sexual function of the organ is to ejaculate. Although not all men ejaculate during an orgasm.There are multiple reasons that can either block or enhance male arousal or orgasm. 

How Does Testosterone Affect Male Orgasm and Arousal?

Testosterone controls sexual desire which is also known as sexual libido. It controls the orgasm and if testosterones levels are low then it can decrease your energy and mood. It makes you less responsive to any kind of sexual stimuli. 

Can Men Have Multiple Orgasms?

Multiple orgasms as its name suggests is the ability to have more than one orgasm within a short while of a few minutes or seconds. Although ejaculation might not be involved but will resemble an orgasm.

There are two types of multiple orgasms:

  1. Condensed : In this state, two to four orgasms would occur in a matter of a few seconds or minutes.

  2. Sporadic : In this state, the refractory period is delayed and arousal and orgasms occur within a few minutes.

Factors that are very common in multi orgasmic men include having multiple partners, different sex partners, psychoactive drugs and using sex toys. 

Are There Any Male Orgasmic Disorders?

Ejaculation disorders include Premature Ejaculation that occurs much quicker than one would prefer, Retrograde ejaculation which is when ejaculation flows backward instead of outside the body and Anejaculation is the inability to ejaculate.

Orgasm disorders include:

1. Dry Orgasm

Dry orgasm is a condition where very little semen is ejaculated. These mainly occur after prostate or bladder surgery, low testosterone, blockage in the sperm duct, if you have high blood pressure or an enlarged prostate.

2. Anorgasmia

Anorgasmia refers to the condition where one person is unable to have an orgasm. It is mainly caused by psychological or physical problems like depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, High BP, diabetes and low testosterone.

What are the perceptions of male Sex Drive?

Stereotypes portray men as sex obsessed machine. We have seen multiple movies that has shown men crazy about sex and women are portrayed as being obsessed with romance. 

What are the Stereotypes about Male Sex Drive?

Not all men think about sex all day. According to different research men have reported an average of 19 thoughts per day, while women have reported 10 thoughts per day. 

More than women, men are more willing to engage in casual sex.  Social norms have an impact on how men and women seek sexual relationships.

An even bigger myth is that gay couples have more sex than lesbian couples. Gay and lesbian couples go through different sexual experiences. Their definition of what exactly sex is also different that heterosexual couples. 

Sexual excitement is different for everyone and arousal can differ from person to person. How men and women experience sexuality is shaped mainly by society and taboos and because of this you can’t prove that men are biologically inclined towards arousal rather than romance. 

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