6 Painless Ways To Remove Pubic Hair At Home For Men

August 17, 2022 5 min read

6 Painless Ways To Remove Pubic Hair At Home For Men

Grooming any body part is a matter of personal choice. While some people prefer going completely bare down there, others tend to not touch their pubic hair at all. People generally prefer removing their pubic hair if they sweat excessively as sweat causes irritation, rashes and infections. Some people prefer trimming for the comfort that it provides and also it is easier to maintain intimate hygiene.

It can be a little intimidating to clean down there considering how sensitive it is. Shaving is not the only option to clean down there, so we have a list of methods that you could try out and find what works for you.

How can men remove pubic hair?


Shaving is a technique that has been suggested and used for many years. Although you need to be extra careful while shaving down there because one little slip can cause a bigger problem than pubic hair. Before you partake in this method, it is important you know the precautions and possible tips to take before using a razor down there. Make sure you change your razor after every use or disinfect and store in a dry place so as to not introduce any bacteria into a sensitive area. Be sure that the hair is wet so that it is easy to remove. Use a cream or gel made with natural ingredients to moisturize and not cause any irritation. Hold the skin tightly and gently shave in the direction of the hair growth. Also remember to rinse your razor after each swipe.


Shaving your pubic area can be scary. If you are not comfortable shaving then trimming is a great option. Invest in a pair of trimming scissors or body trimmer and make sure that you do not use the same tool on your face so as to not cause any infections. Make sure that your hair is dry before trimming so that you don’t hurt yourself. Always trim while you are standing. The length of the hair is based on personal choice and if you have a hand mirror then trimming can be easier. It wouldn’t remove all the hair from the root but it will still maintain your hygiene. After using, clean your scissor or trimmer with some rubbing alcohol or sanitary wipe and you will be good to go.


Waxing is basically plucking the hair out right from the root and it leaves your skin smooth and hairless for up to 4 weeks. While you can also book an appointment in a salon, you could also choose to do it yourself at home. If this is your first time, it would be better for you to let a professional take care of it. If you are planning on doing it at home, then you should go for hard wax, as it requires no extra mess while soft wax needs strips and is a much more difficult process. Make sure you clean and dry the area as wax grips better on to hair better when it is clean. It might sting and be painful for a few moments but it will go away soon and you will be smooth like a baby’s bum for the next 4 weeks. If you aren’t comfortable doing this at home then book an appointment at a salon that offers pubic waxing service. Since they are professionals they will guide you to the best type of wax and it would be even less painful although these treatments are slightly at a higher price.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments on any part of the body are a comparatively permanent solution to hair removal. This technique involves a heat laser that penetrates the skin and removes or destroys the hair follicle so that the hair doesn’t grow again. Although they are not permanent but can last up to 7 plus years. For laser hair removal you will have to book multiple sessions for the first few months to completely destroy every hair follicle. Just make sure you get your laser done from a certified dermatologist. 

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory or hair removal creams are one of the most effective and painless ways to remove hair. Find the cream that is safe to use near the genitals because they are usually made with safe and much more gentle chemicals. Just apply the cream on the hair and leave it on for the prescribed amount of time and then wash it away or wipe it away with cloth. Although these creams are safer and painless, they do have a strong and pungent smell which is very unpleasant. Make sure you patch the test before using it near your genitals. Some people can be allergic to the chemicals in these creams. Don’t rub the cream into the skin rather put on a thick and even layer onto the skin for better results. Do not apply on top of cuts, scars or moles as it can burn the area and cause irritation and even infections. 


Men have tried electrolysis for pubic hair removal. This technique generally involves inserting a thin needle or epilator device into the skin and destroying the hair follicle. Although this method is generally painless you might feel a slight pinch once the needle enters the skin. Appointments are generally once a week for a year but that generally depends on the type of your hair. It’s a comparatively risk free procedure but if it’s done incorrectly there can be a slight risk of infections.  

Precautions for Pubic Hair Removal

Just like any hair removal, pubic hair removal also has some side effects that we need to take precautions for. Some of these might include:

  1. Ingrown Hair

  2. Bumpy Skin

  3. Itchiness

  4. Allergic reactions to creams

  5. Hives as a reaction to laser removal

  6. Swelling

  7. Inflammation

  8. Cuts or scrapes

  9. Infections from dirty tools

If these side effects do not heal in a few days then you should get it checked by a doctor so as to not cause serious problems in the future.

How to find the best hair removal method for me?

People with sensitive skin should avoid tweezing, waxing or any such treatments that are harsh on the skin or are made with harsh chemicals; Trimming or shaving might be the best option for you. Also all of us should be careful with the kind of products that we use. We should use products that suit our melanin as that can ruin our skin and cause permanent changes in our skin color. 

You will find many guides as to how you should groom or not groom your pubic hair. You can follow any of the methods that suit your skin. Choose a product that is not harsh on your skin and is safe to use near your genitals. Be careful with the type of method you choose and take precautions according to the type of side effects or possible side effects that comes with these methods. 


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