Everything You Need To Know About Female Arousal

August 29, 2022 4 min read

About Female Arousal

Libido or sex drive refers to the desire to engage in sexual activity in a person. While a high libido is an increased desire to have sex, low libido is related to less desire to have sex.

What Causes A High Sex Drive?

Although no two people are the same but there are a few reasons why a person might have a higher sex drive. 

  1. There are many studies that suggest that people who engage in exercise or physical activity tend to have a higher sex drive.

  2. Stimulant drugs like cocaine automatically increase a person’s sex drive.

  3. Changes in neurotransmitters like dopamine also cause changes in a person’s sex drive. 

  4. Naturally, higher testosterone levels suggest a higher sex drive in men.

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What Causes a Low Sex Drive?

Just like a high sex drive, there are also multiple reasons why a person might have a lower sex drive.

  1. There are many studies that show that some women report a low sex drive because of a decrease in the sexual hormones and this causes a decline in a women’s sex drive.

  2. People who are restrictive in terms of their religion or cultural beliefs experience a lower sex drive or libido.

  3. People who suffer from depression or anxiety face a higher risk of sexual dysfunction which automatically means lower sex drive.

  4. For many people, sex drive fluctuates with age. There are many studies where people have reported a lower sex drive after they reach the age of 60 or above.

  5. There is a direct link between your weight and sexual dysfunction. Obesity is one of the cause for a low sex drive.

  6. People with diabetes or other chronic conditions also face a reduced sex drive or libido.

  7. There are also some women who face a reduced sex drive during pregnancies.

  8. For some women if they are not satisfied with their relationships, their sexual libido decreases.

  9. Medication like chemotherapy, hormonal contraceptives or anti depressants also cause alterations in the sex drive. While for some men chemotherapy reduces testosterone levels, for some women chemo causes early onset of menopause. Female hormonal contraceptives like injections or transplants decrease libido.

How Can I Increase my Sex Drive?

Although these are not sure shot ways, for many people trying some of these methods has proven affective to increase their sex drive.

  1. Sleep Schedule: Longer sleep durations in females has showed a higher sex drive the next day.

  2. Sex Therapy: a sex therapist can help you or assist you. They not only assist you to increase your sex drive but also help you achieve an orgasm as well.

  3. Aphrodisiacs: Aphrodisiacs help to increase sex drive. Herbal aphrodisiacs like yohimbine are known to increase male sex drive. There are certain foods as well like strawberries and chocolates that have aphrodisiac properties.

  4. Exercise: People who take part in physical activity or in meditation and yoga see an increase in libido.

  5. Testosterone Therapy: In older males testosterone therapy has helped them regain sexual desire. There is no conclusive proof that testosterone therapy can increase female libido.

What is the Difference between Sexual Desire and Arousal?

It is very easy to confuse arousal and desire. If you are satisfied with your sex life then you can easily confuse these aspects of your sex life. While sexual desire or libido refers to your basic interest in having sex, whereas arousal refers to your physiological response to sexual stimuli or sexual desire.

What happens when a woman gets aroused?

When a female gets sexually aroused, a number of emotional and physical responses are triggered in the body. our nerves, blood vessels, brain and hormones all change in some way.

What are the physical signs of arousal?

  1. Breasts get fuller

  2. Nipples get harder and erect

  3. Heart rate increases and breathing gets faster

  4. Clitoris and the labia swells up

  5. Finally the orgasm

Although everyone is different, our bodies generally go through 4 stages while responding to sexual desire:


Excitement is the first stage where your body naturally gets excited because of your thoughts, words, smells and even touch. The desire to have sex begins at this stage but only builds up at the second stage which is arousal.


Arousal is both thought about and also felt in the body. At this stage blood starts flowing to your genitals which makes your clitoris and vaginal walls swell up. This blood flow results in your vagina producing more lubricating fluid. 


Orgasm is the stage where your body reaches climax or the peak of sexual excitement. Right before the orgasm, the muscles in your entire body tense up and as it begins, the muscles in your vagina tighten and contract in a rhythmical way.


The resolution is the final stage where a certain sense of wellbeing and relaxation is felt in the body. More often than not this comes after the orgasm but sometimes this can also happen after any sexual activity even without climax or orgasm. Your body begins returning to its normal levels including your breathing and heart rate and even the swollen areas go back to their original state and many people generally feel sleepy at this stage. 

When should you see a doctor?

If you face any pain during a sexual activity or problems with arousal or you aren’t able to reach orgasm or you are generally unhappy with your sex life or libido then it might be a good idea to see a doctor. Not everyone has the same sex drive or libido and what might seem normal to you might be unusual for others.

 It is completely normal to have a high or low sex drive, and if you are worried about there are many ways in which you can increase and decrease your sex drive. 

Is it normal to have a swollen vagina post sex?

Your vaginal walls swell up due to arousal and it is normal for them to be swollen post sex as well due to friction and it does return to its normal state in some time. Although if the swelling does not decrease and you start experiencing pain or any other symptoms then this would be a good time to talk to a doctor.

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