Anal Sex Safety: Pain, Risks, Possible Complications

September 14, 2022 4 min read

All about anal sex

Have you ever wondered, why anal sex is so popular and if it is safe to engage in it? We called our readers and asked them if they had any questions about anal sex and what they thought of it. Here are the answers to all your questions, so let’s find out the reason behind the obsession with the peach.

What is anal sex?

If you think anal sex is just penis in anus penetration then you couldn’t be any more wrong. Penetration of the anus with any object- penis, fingers or toys all are a part of anal sex. Anal sex is still considered to be somewhat of a taboo topic even though it has such a crazy fan following. As more and more people are getting curious about engaging in anal sex, understand and knowing the risks and rewards is highly important.

Is Anal Sex SAFE?

It is considered to be a little riskier than other sexual activities but not because of what people think. Many people think that having anal sex can stretch the anus and cause leakage and that is just not true. The safety concern comes in when you think about STIs and STDs. But having any type of sex without contraception or protection increases the risk of STIs. The skin of the anus and around the anus is much more delicate and without proper safety and protection can cause tears and this increases the risk of STIs.

Does Anal Sex Hurt?

Anal sex can be a little playful but if you take your time with it and go slow and use plenty of lube then you eliminate that risk as well. For your first time you might feel a little discomfort and that is completely normal, so just relax yourself and remember you have to take it slow.

Is it normal to bleed?

Yes and no. A tiny bit of blood your first time or two isn’t unusual. Same if you have an especially enthusiastic sesh, or don’t apply lots of lube or reapply as needed during your session. All that said, if you experience severe or continuous bleeding, stop what you’re doing and contact a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

How to Practice Safe Anal Sex?


You can’t just randomly spring the topic of anal sex on your partner in the middle of your night. Let your partner know that you are interested in it and how they feel about it and give them time to think and process it. If any one partner is not ready then it may not feel so great for either. If they’re into it, welcome to the world of backdoor bliss! Remember to set some clear boundaries before going in.

Nail Hygiene

Fingering is a great way to get started with anal sex but you need to keep your nails clean and trimmed. Unkempt nails can cause tearing in the thin and delicate skin and this can increase the chances of infection causing bacteria. Clip your nails, then wash well and scrub under the nails before and after anal.


The risk of STIs is high during anal sex but if you a protection method then you eliminate this risk to a great level. Be sure to use the right condom as well as a new condom every time you switch between anal as well as vaginal sex.


Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self lubricating so you will need to use a lot of lubricants and we mean a lot of it. Lube makes penetration easy and even reduces risks of tears and pain and this automatically reduces the risk of infections. While choosing a lube always go for water based lubricants or silicon based but silicon based lubes can ruin silicon toys so keep these things in mind while buying your lube. Although oil based lubes are a blessing for anal but they aren’t safe to use with condoms as the friction can cause tears in the condom.

How to  prepare for anal sex?

 Educate yourself

The very idea of having anal sex can be nerve-wracking – especially when we consider all the misinformation on the subject. But by first familiarizing with what to expect, you can be more prepared and ready when you get down to business for the first time. Look up any element that’s making you worried – whether it’s the potential messiness, the feeling or any psychological aspects. Keep in mind that it’s really vital that you don’t rush ahead if you’re not feeling up to it – your comfort, well-being and boundaries are the most important thing and it’s totally okay to wait or give anal sex a miss.

Try anal alone first

You might already know that masturbation is super important for understanding your vulva and getting used to different sensations, right? Well, the good news is that it's also a really great way to prepare yourself for anal sex. Begin with anal fingering at your own pace. Make sure to use lots of lube and slowly insert your own finger into your anus, so you get to know how it feels.

Once you're comfortable fingering your own anus, it can be useful to experiment with different sensations. And, if you're comfortable, using small anal sex toys is a great way of doing this. 

Go slow

When the time comes to have anal sex with a partner, if you've followed all of the above steps you should be emotionally and physically prepared. Whether they're using their penis or a strap-on/dildo, going slow will allow you to have the time to adjust to the size and sensations without becoming overwhelmed or off-put by the feeling. If you're on the receiving end, walk your partner through what feels good - helping to manage and set the pace. Communicate how it's feeling constantly and check in with each other regularly. If you're on the giving end, make sure to pay attention to your partner at all times, so that you're on the same page. Take care to listen to and notice their non-verbal cues as well.

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