Do You Have A Curved Penis? How To Take Care Of It?

November 18, 2022 5 min read

Do You Have A Curved Penis? How To Take Care Of It?

Penises are as unique as the people they hang from, and they’re all good. More than good, really.

There’s no such thing as a bad or abnormal shape or size — just bad information on how to use it.

Let’s talk about what makes all penises amazing, how to love the one you’ve got, and how to make the most of it if you have sex.

What is a Penis?

The penis is an organ (no, not a muscle) that’s made primarily of spongy tissue. This spongey tissue fills with blood to cause an erection, so you can have penetrative solo or partnered sex.

It looks pretty straightforward, but a penis is actually quite complex. It consists of the head, shaft, and foreskin (not always though). It’s also home to the urethra — the thin tube through which urine and semen exits the body.


What’s the typical shape and size of a penis?

If there’s anything typical about penis shape, it’s that most tend to be cylindrical, often with a wider — or at least a more pronounced — head.

Upward Curve Penis

Like a banana, this penis curves slightly upward, at least when it’s erect.

Orgasms aren’t the be-all and end-all of partnered sex, but having the upward curve provides an advantage by making it easier to stimulate the G-spot, A-spot, and prostate.

Best Position for curved upward penises: You can keep it simple with any variation of the missionary position and still rock their world thanks to that curve and this goes for penetrative sex.

Downward Curve Penis

The curved downward penis is just as it sounds: a penis that, when hard, has a slight downward curve; A banana turned upside down.

Like your upward counterpart, your curve also gives you an edge when it comes to reaching the hotspots that run along the front wall of the vagina or rectum.

The key to making the most of the curve is flipping your partner(s) around to get you closer to those pleasure spots.

Best position for a downward curved penis: Rear entry positions are your best friend here.

C-shaped Penis

This type of penis has a noticeable curve to the right or left. If you or a partner is rocking a curve, try some new angles.

Positions that allow you to work the curve toward the front wall of the vagina or rectum give you the same hot-spot advantage as those with banana shapes.

Best Positions for C-Shaped Penis: Try the T-bone. This position begins with the penetrating partner on their side with their curve pointed toward the sky. The receiving partner lies on their back in a T angle and drapes their legs over their partner’s hip, ready for penetrative sex.


Straight Penis

The straight penis maintains pretty much the same shape from shaft to head.

With no angles to accommodate, you can make your way through every sex position you both consent to with little-to-no tweaking required.

Best Sex Position for a Straight Penis: Give and get the most with any position that makes it easy to reach each other’s erogenous zones for simultaneous, manual, or sex toy play.

It’s all totally common and has zero impact on function.

Circumcised Penis

According to research 30-40% of people have had their foreskin removed which means they have circumcised penises. This means the head is on display at all times, and there’s no need to pull back skin to access it. Although it is believed that men who are circumcised feel little to no sensation on that part, but that is only if the procedure is not performed correctly.

When it comes to pleasure, having or not having foreskin makes no difference.

Best sex position for circumcised penises: Any and all positions will work for you, just remember lube always makes for a good time, whether you have foreskin or not. But if you’re cut, using it could minimize chafing for you during a long or particularly snuggly session.

Uncircumcised Penis

An uncircumcised penis has the foreskin intact. Only part of the head is visible unless it’s erect and, even then, it depends on how much skin there is.

Best Sex Position for uncircumcised penises: Foreskin works like a sleeve of pleasure when enjoying solo or partnered hand action. Alternate between sliding it back and forth over the head and gently pulling it back and exposing the head for some targeted attention.

Some things to remember

1.Boners help keep your penis healthy

Boners happen by way of blood flow and that blood carries oxygen to your penis that helps keep it in shape.

If you’re able to get erections, by all means do. Masturbate, have sex with a partner, or do anything else that gets you hard — whether you climax or not. Sex dreams and morning wood also count.

2.Body & Mind Health Matters

Your physical and mental health can impact your penis health, so staying on top of both is important if you want to keep your penis functioning at its best.

The same healthy lifestyle habits that reduce your risk of chronic diseases can also help your penis, including:

  • eating a balanced diet

  • getting regular movement

  • getting enough sleep

  • keeping your stress levels down

  • limiting or avoiding smoking

3.Being Safe

If you have partnered sex, use a barrier.

If you plan to have sex without a condom, know the risks and have a candid conversation with your partner about expectations. Learning about preventative medications is also a good idea.

4.Lube Is Your Best Friend

Lube doesn’t just provide the wet and slippery goodness that feels oh so good, but also prevents too much friction, which causes condoms to break and irritates and tears the skin of the penis, vagina, or anus, opening you and your partner up to infections.

4.Get to know your penis

Getting to know your penis will make it easier to spot any new or unusual changes that could indicate an underlying health condition.

Pay attention to how your penis looks and feels when you masturbate. Take a moment to inspect it in the shower. Don’t forget to check your balls while you’re at it.

See a healthcare professional if you or a partner notices anything out of the ordinary, like lumps or bumps, discoloration, or unusual discharge.

Always Remember...

No two penises are alike and no one type is better than another, so try to focus on the pleasure it’s capable of instead of its appearance.

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