7 First Date Tips For Women & Things You Shouldn't Do

March 30, 2023 3 min read

7 First Date Tips For Women & Things You Shouldn't Do

First dates are usually uncomfortable especially if they are with someone new. They do start out to be awkward but hopefully both of you would loosen up through the date and actually enjoy getting to know each other.

Most women do not think beyond how they look and how they can impress the new person. There is so much more involved in making the first date positively impressionable, even if it doesn’t lead to anything more.

Things Women Shouldn’t Do On the First Date

Underappreciating your accomplishments: Bragging is never a good look on anyone but if you’ve worked hard and have your confidence to prove it, don’t downplay your accomplishments. A potential partner should be impressed and not intimidated.

Pretending to be younger: Aging is empowering even if it doesn’t feel like that. If you think pretending to be younger will make you seem more alluring then you are mistaken because at the end of the day she who is comfortable in her own skin is the most alluring.

Lying about your family situation:  If you were married before or have kids, you don’t have to pretend that you are completely single. While not all details should be revealed on the first date, these things are serious and can really change the mindset of some people. The truth will eventually reveal itself so you might want to get away with the difficult things first. 

7 First Date Tips for Women

If you are wondering how to act on the first date or what is the best way to prepare yourself for the first date, then we have a list of 11 things you could do on and before the first date to make it memorable.

Tips for the first date

Knowing The Kind Of Relationship You Want

Ask yourself these 3 questions before you plan a date

  • What is the goal of you dating?

  • What kind of relationship are you looking for?

  • Are You looking for something serious or just want to meet new people?

Depending on your answers for this question, your interaction with your date will change, aligning with your end goal.

Just Have Fun

You need to decide you are going to have fun before you leave for the date. It is a process and every time you meet a new person, you will learn more about what you are and aren’t looking for in a partner or relationship. If you have a positive outlook towards the first date and just relax and have fun you have nothing to lose even if it doesn't lead to a second date.

Always Choose A Neutral Location

For a first date, you want a location that allows you both to talk and get to know one another. The location of the date shouldn’t distract from that goal. Dinner at a loud restaurant followed by a movie isn’t a good choice if you’re hoping to converse. But a quiet coffee shop or an out-of-the-way bar are neutral spots that lend to good conversation and are easy to leave if things don’t go so well.

Tips for first date

Keeping The Meeting Short

You want to leave your date wanting more. Try to leave on a high note before you or your date runs out of steam. Start out meeting for coffee or a drink. You can plan a longer date if you decide you want to meet again.

 Be Present In The Moment

Stay fully engaged in the conversation without distractions. You also need to stay self-aware (so you can pick up on social cues) and listen as your date tells you about his life. Look at him and give visual and verbal cues that you are engaged in what he is saying.

 Be Aware Of Your Body Language

Make good eye contact with your date (without staring intensely), and try to avoid a defensive posture by crossing your arms over your chest. In fact, you can show your date you’re interested by mirroring his movements and expressions. Pay attention to your body language so you don’t reveal any nerves by playing with your hair, looking around the room, or fidgeting. Smile often and lean in when your date is speaking to show that you’re interested and engaged.

 Know Your Deal-Breakers 

What immediately turns you off and makes you know for sure that you don’t want a second date? Your instant non-negotiables might be that your date is a smoker or that he mentions he’s into open relationships. Maybe he is rude to the waiter, or he answered a call from his mother in the middle of your conversation. In advance of your date, be aware of the qualities or behaviors that instantly tell you that this guy is not for you. Your non-negotiables should be about character traits, personality flaws, and value systems.


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