5 Common Orgasm Faces & What They Say About You

April 21, 2023 3 min read

5 Common Orgasm Faces & What They Say About You

We don’t always look our best when we orgasm. According to studies, at the peak of orgasming 92% of people close their eyes, 67% have dropped jaws 48% people actually frown. According to experts our orgasm face can say a lot about our personality and our sexual prowess as well and of course if you are enjoying it or not. Researchers speculate that some of these expressions are like reflexes—a release of muscular tension as you approach orgasm. 

That’s why you look so strange when you actually come: You have zero control over your facial muscles at that moment. Here are the 5 most common orgasm faces and what they say about you.

The eyes shut face 

The eye shut face is probably the most common orgasm face. According to various studies only 8% of people keep their eyes open during their climax and people who close their eyes are more likely to know what they want. 

Eye contact during sex is extremely important, it's where the connection happens and emotions are shared. But when it comes to orgasms, if your eyes roll back in your head and your eyelids relax then there is a very good reason for that. 

On average, orgasms last for 10-30 seconds for men and 13-51 seconds for women. If you are enjoying yourself, you probably wouldn’t want to miss any single second of it. If you close your eyes you let your fantasy and imagination intensify the orgasm. We all know how difficult it can be to actually get to the orgasm itself and we wouldn’t want anything to get in the way. Having your eyes closed is a way of focusing on the physical sensation and shutting out the distractions.

eyes closed orgasm

The screaming face

An over exaggerated climax is probably a sign of a person trying to get done with the experience or boost their partner's ego. We’ve all faked it once in a while. During orgasms our breathing becomes shallow and it is actually not possible for humans to scream out loud at such a situation. Many women admitted to being extremely loud and vocal during their orgasm but this wasn’t an indication of their pleasure.

Being loud doesn’t mean you are lying. While screaming is definitely a sign, moaning and grunting is actually a sign of increased oxytocin and dopamine.

screaming orgasm

The surprised face

As we lose control during our climax we also lose control over our facial muscles, which is why some people have a surprised expression while climaxing. This shock implies that they are just overwhelmed with pleasure. This type of expression means that someone enjoys sex and is always up to try new things and tease themselves.

The surprised face orgasm

The silent face

While some people think that if their partner is quiet during sex means that they aren’t enjoying the experience, the reality is far from that. If you are someone who closes their eyes and is quiet in bed, your imagination and fantasizing powers are quite great. According to studies, those who fantasize during sex, have more orgasms and are more likely to concentrate on the feelings of pleasure. Silence heightens intimacy as it is believed that both the partners are completely connected to each other. 

silent face orgasm

Eyes Open

It has been suggested that having an orgasm with your eyes open intensifies the pleasure if you are an open eye person. Having your eyes open during climax can sometimes mean you might be in love. Increasing intimacy by having eyes-open sex and eyes-open orgasms to avoid tuning out your partner. This takes a bit of self confidence to be able to feel the sexual vibes of your partner. 

eyes open orgasm

We all have an orgasm face and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Whether it be the level of vulnerability it takes to let someone else see your O-face or your internalized feelings of sexual shyness or shame that bring it on, the annoyance is real for a lot of people.

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