How To Prevent Rashes in The Monsoon Season?

February 16, 2021 3 min read

How To Prevent Rashes in The Monsoon Season?

With the arrival of monsoon, comes various skin problems, such as skin rashes, eczemas, skin chafing, skin irritation, inflammation, etc. You may wonder why the monsoon triggers all these skin-related issues?

Why do I get rashes in the monsoon season?

Monsoon means dampness in the air and less sunlight, which promotes bacteria around us. This is the main reason for such fungal and bacterial skin infections during monsoon. 

However, what makes the situation worse is the soaring heat and the sudden fluctuation of the temperature. During this time of the year, we quickly develop chafing between the legs. This is a common issue mainly in bulky men and women. 

The chafing can cause  inner thigh rashes  if not treated properly and can leave a dark spot in that area which may remain for years. The unbearable stinging pain makes the situation worse. 

Many of us have tried home remedies such as lubricating the area with oil or using talcum powder, but the experience with most of us is almost the same.

Anti Chafing Cream

It provides relief for the time being, but the problem recurs within hours. Re-application is one of the remedies to address this issue, but it is somewhat impossible when we are at work or not at home. 

Skin Elements has brought a permanent solution to this problem. Their Anti Chafing Cream protects against skin chafing and blisters. It also prevents skin rashes caused due to heat or fungal infections. It greatly acts as a protective layer which prevents skin friction or rubbing and thus acts as proven  anti-chafing cream. 

Here are a few points which prove the efficiency of the product:

  • It creates a breathable layer on the skin which prevents the skin from rubbing against each other thus preventing chafing or blisters

  • The cream is water-resistant which allows you to remain carefree during humid days

  • It lasts long and has been a proven solution for athletes

  • It is also an excellent relief for non-athletes as it reliefs from skin irritation, heat rashes, and skin disorder or discomfort

  • It is a revolutionary product especially for women as they suffer from inner thigh chafing mostly during their periods

  • It is 100% Vegan and non-petroleum product

anti chafing cream

 Let’s take a look at a few instances where the Skin Elements Anti Chafing Cream can be used to get instant relief:

  • Inner thigh Chafing - Skin eruption caused in inner thigh due to vigorous rubbing of the skin against each other. This anti-chafing balm is infused with Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel, which helps in soothing the skin and lower skin inflation.

  • Skin rashes - We may develop rashes on the skin on various occasions, but during the monsoon season, it becomes a common problem. The antibacterial, anti-microbial, and antiseptic properties of Tea Tree oil help in providing relief from skin rashes. 

  • Skin inflammation - Witch Hazel possesses anti-inflammatory properties, and Aloe Vera moisturizes the skin and forms a protective layer to prevent the skin from further rubbing.

  • Fungal disease - It acts fast on eczema, athlete’s foot, diaper rashes, etc. Allantoin helps lock in moisture and hastens the shedding of dead cells, which promotes healthy cell development.

  • Dry skin - It is equally effective on dry skin such as cracked heels, dry elbows, etc. Aloe Vera provides required moisture and seals in the moisture by forming a protective shield on the surface.

However, it remains essential for us to maintain proper hygiene, especially during monsoon days, such as:

  • Wash your clothes and dip them in antibacterial solution before drying

  • Use dryers during the rainy season which will help your clothes to keep away from the fungal buildup

  • Keep your surrounding clean and moist free

  • Opt for outdoor options for drying your clothes as direct exposure to sun-ray will prevent all bacterial and fungal buildup.

  • Keep your body moisturized, clean and dry

  • Use Skin Elements Anti Chafing Cream for relief from skin rasher, chafing of skin, fungal infection, cracked heels, etc.

The anti-chafing cream by Skin Elements is smooth on the skin and is infused with natural ingredients. It is safe to use on children as well. The sachet packaging is another added benefit, just slip it in your bag and use it when required. Enjoy splashing water this monsoon but keep away from skin problems by using Anti Chafing Cream by Skin Elements.

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