What Do You Think These Sex Term Mean?

April 29, 2022 4 min read

What Do You Think These Sex Term Mean?

Growing up, the only way to learn something like “eating out” meant racing home after school to look up what your friends were talking about on Urban Dictionary. While it's likely that you now know the above doesn’t exactly mean hitting up a fast-food joint, there are probably still some words related to sex that you might not be familiar with. 

That’s where our sex word glossary comes in.  Don’t worry—we’ll explain it all!

Abrosexual is a sexual orientation that describes someone whose sexual preferences or attraction changes over time. Something like  someone who has once said they are bisexual later coming out as asexual.

Autosexual is someone who feels a sexual attraction toward themselves.

Blue Balls is a slang term (not a medical term), “blue balls” refer to the pain someone feels in their scrotum from prolonged sexual arousal without ejaculation. Blue balls are not dangerous, not actually a medical condition, and don’t cause any long-term damage, nor do the balls turn a blue shade.

Cishet is a broad term used to describe someone who is both cisgender and heterosexual.

Comphet stands for "compulsory heterosexuality," and is the harmful notion that heterosexuality is the only valid sexuality and that everyone should be/is expected to be straight. This feeling is a result of heteronormativity.

Cosplay is short for “costume play” and usually refers to dressing up as one of your favorite characters from pop culture and taking on the persona of that character.

 Demisexual is a sexual orientation that defines a person who needs to feel a strong emotional connection with someone in order to feel any sexual attraction to them. In other words, demisexual people are capable of sexual attraction but only in specific circumstances.

 Dirty Sanchez is an act where someone puts their finger into their partner’s ass, then wipes any fecal matter that may transfer onto their finger over that person’s lip, resulting in a poop mustache. FWIW, it’s generally accepted that this act is more urban legend than something you’d actually encounter in the bedroom.

 DTR is an acronym that stands for "define the relationship." It's an initiated conversation with your partner(s) to agree on what type of relationship you want together.

Greysexual also called graysexual, grey-ace, or gray-ace, greysexuality falls within the asexual spectrum and defines individuals who experience sexual attraction and sexual feelings very rarely—anywhere from a few times in their whole life to anything more frequently.

Heteroflexible is someone who is typically attracted to the opposite gender but also open to having same-sex experiences and/or is occasionally attracted to their own gender.

Hypergamy is dating or marrying someone you think is more successful and/or secure than you, whether consciously or subconsciously. 

Hypersexuality is an excessive preoccupation with sexual fantasies, urges or behaviors that are difficult to control, causes distress or negatively impacts your health, job, relationships or any aspect of your life.

Jelqing is the practice of stroking the penis when erect in a particular way to increase its size. This is a similar concept to using a penis pump. 

Metamours is when your lover’s lover in a non-monogamous relationship—aka your wife’s boyfriend, your girlfriend’s girlfriend, and/or your boyfriend's casual hookup buddy.

Mile-High Club refers collectively to anyone who has ever had sex on a plane.

Motorboating is the act of putting your face in between someone’s breasts and moving your head back and forth quickly while making a raspberry sound with your tongue and lips (like the sound of a motorboat).

Nylon Fetish is the sexual interest in various facets of nylons. Someone with a nylon fetish might like wearing, touching, smelling, or simply looking at nylons.

Omnisexual is a sexual orientation that describes someone who's attracted to all people, regardless of their gender.

 Pearl Necklace is when someone with a penis ejaculates onto their partner’s neck or chest. The term comes from the drops of semen that are said to look like the individual pearls on a strand of beads.

 Polycule is a broad term used to describe all the interconnected partners in the same polyamorous network.

 Pompoir is using vaginal muscles in different ways to stimulate the penis during intercourse.

 Reverse-Cowgirl is a sex position that’s basically regular cowgirl (someone facing their partner and straddling them with knees on either side of their hips), but backward, so they're facing their partner's feet instead.

Rusty Trombone is the act of performing a simultaneous rim job and hand job.

Sapiosexual is a controversial term that refers to a person who is attracted, primarily or exclusively, to people they find intelligent with less or no importance placed on the person’s appearance, gender, or identity.

Sex-Repulsedis most commonly used within the asexual community, "sex-repulsed" is a way of experiencing one’s sexuality, but it’s not a sexuality in and of itself. Sex repulsion can mean someone finds sex disgusting or revolting and in general, would not want to look at, hear about, talk about, or think about sex or any sexual activity.

Sexual Frustration is a broad term used to describe feelings of dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, and anger due to unmet sexual needs.

Shocker is a sex act when someone sticks their pointer and middle finger inside their partner's vagina while also inserting their pinkie finger in the anus. It's traditionally a sexist, non-consensual term because the anal penetration is meant to "shock" the receiver. Not cool.

Shrimping is the act of sucking on your partner’s toes.

Snowballing is a sexual act where a penis-haver ejaculates into their partner’s mouth, then open-mouth kisses their partner, passing the semen back and forth into each other’s mouths.

 Submarining is when an ex pops back into your life and then acts like nothing happened during the period you weren’t together.

Tantric Sex is sex that lasts for hours and hours and involves study, meditation, breath-work, eye contact, and intimacy with your partner.

Teabagging is when a penis-haver places their scrotum into the mouth or onto the face or forehead of another person, usually while standing or kneeling over that person.

Temperature Play is an erotic form of consensual sensation play that's often carried out by people who engage in BDSM play or kink. The goal of temperature play is to use the elements of heat and cold to heighten the senses.

Thigh Job is a sexual act where someone's genitals are stimulated by a partner's thighs. A thigh job can be done with clothes or bare thighs, thighs in latex, pantyhose, thigh highs, lubed up, or without lube.

 Venus Butterfly is a sex act that involves both oral stimulation of the genitalia (cunnilingus) and manual stimulation (fingering) at the same time.


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