Experiences Of The Bedroom That Are Completely Normal

February 21, 2023 3 min read

Experiences Of The Bedroom That Are Completely Normal

Sex can be a mind-blowing experience that brings about all sorts of life epiphanies along with physical and emotional fulfillment. It can also be something of a disaster that tempts you to spend the rest of your life with a battery-operated bae.   

We had a few people tell us of incidents from their bedroom that they thought were embarrassing.  At the very least, the following list can make for some very funny memories to share the next day over brunch.

  1. Teeth Crashing While Making Out

As long as no one's pearly whites are chipped, who cares? Although it kind of ruins the feeling that you are two carnal geniuses having movie-worthy sex where everything goes perfectly (which just isn't realistic).

  1. Interesting sounds coming from very private places.

Sometimes your body is so focused on going after what feels good that it stops important things like holding in your gas. Unless you're with someone immature, this is truly not a big deal.

  1. Realizing there's hair in your mouth.

If you frequently head downtown, this less talked about spit or swallow dilemma is unavoidable unless you only have sex with people who are as hairless as baby seals. Great if you catch the hair before it gets to that ticklish point at the back of your throat, so you still have a chance of pulling it out.

  1. Feeling self-conscious about some "flaw."

It's normal to feel unsure about your looks sometimes. The real problem is when you actively feel bad about yourself during sex or an insecurity stops you from pursuing the maximum pleasure possible.

  1. Worrying that neighbors can hear you.

Ah, the joys of paper-thin walls. Sure, it can get awkward, but if you can't have loud sex in the bedroom you or your partner pays for, where can you do it?!

  1. Feeling jaw pain while performing oral sex

And you start worrying that your technique is off, then hope that maybe they're delaying orgasm to prolong the tingly feelings, then consider just giving up, then power through and feel like you honestly deserve a medal.

  1. Telling your partner for less pressure and they go too soft

But when you ask for more pressure, they go way too hard. You're like an adult Goldilocks on a quest for just-right cunnilingus.

  1. Raccoon eyes and intense bedhead.

It can feel embarrassing, but this is amazing and should make you feel like even more of a sex goddess. You were just putting it down without worrying about what you looked like and having a delightful time, which is the sexiest thing of all.

  1. Getting a little too ambitious 

Don't feel the need to make it work even though you suspect you've sprained your groin. In sex, there are take backs. If a flexible sex position goes too far, you can absolutely be like, "Woah, wait, my legs are not naturally meant to spread that far."

  1. Being unsure about whether you're doing Kegels correctly.

You clench and expect to get an awe-inspired response but instead receive the same level of enthusiasm as before. Which is great, but the lack of a mind-blown reaction makes you resolve to Kegel all day every day.

  1. Wishing the sex would have lasted a little longer.

So you want round two, which is awesome if the person you're with is up for it! But if not, this situation is the epitome of unsatisfying.


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