A Complete Guide To An Intimate Wash For Men

September 27, 2021 3 min read

Intimate Wash Men Guide

You may have heard about intimate hygiene washes and maybe you should get on for yourself as well. Everyone should be adding an intimate wash in their daily routine that suits their skin type and body needs.

What is an Intimate Wash for Men?

An intimate wash for men is exactly what its name suggests.  For the longest time, intimate hygiene has only resonated with women. Now that the market is open, more brands are coming up with intimate washes suited for the male genitalia and its needs.

It’s very simple, we all know that sunlight is very effective in killing bacteria. The skin and the area around your intimates sees almost no sunlight which can lead to a growth of germs and harmful bacteria that can cause irritation and infections.

The excess sweat and lack of ventilation are the perfect paradise for bacteria to accumulate. This puts your intimate regions in danger of infections more than other parts of the body.

Soap and water may be enough for the rest of your body but not for your intimates. The chemicals and artificial fragrance can disrupt the acidic pH of your intimates and cause redness, irritation and infections. Intimate Hygiene Washes are made especially for your intimates and most of them are made from natural ingredients with the same pH balance of your privates. Using an intimate wash will make sure the bad bacteria, foul odor, sweat and dirt stays away and you feel clean and dry all day long.

What's the difference between V wash (for women) and intimate wash for men?

 Men and women are different in their anatomy, and the needs of their bodies are also different, which is why the same intimate wash cannot be used by both. Intimate wash for women usually contains lactic acid which is used to exfoliate and moisturize with the pH balance between 3.5 - 4.5 , which is suitable to female genitalia. On the other hand men’s intimate washes contain glycerin which is very similar to the intimate skin and is not harsh.

The pH level of men’s intimate skin is between 5 - 5.5 , which also means that you cannot use a women’s intimate hygiene wash, because it would disrupt the pH level and cause irritation and infections.

 How to Use Intimate Wash for Men?

Here is a step-by-step guide on using a men's intimate wash.

An intimate wash for men is used as a replacement for your normal soap and using it is extremely easy.

  • Use warm water to wet your groin and the skin around the groin region

  • Pour a small amount of the product into the palm of your hand and lather slightly

  • Apply the product to your pubic area and cover the entire area

  • Gently rub it over your skin to remove accumulated dirt and sweat

  • Wash it off thoroughly with water. Wipe your groin area gently to make sure it is not moist.

Keep in mind that if you're uncircumcised, remember to pull back your penis' foreskin and wash underneath.

What is the best intimate wash for men?

Skin Elements has a range of intimate washes made from 100% vegan and all natural ingredients to keep the sweat, bacteria and foul odor away and protect your intimates from irritation and infections. It is a pH balancing foaming soap for your private part that makes it more comfortable and easier for you to go through your day. This hygiene wash for men kills the harmful bacteria and keeps your intimate area fresh all day long. It relieves the genital area from skin inflammation, and its sensitive foam cleanses thoroughly.

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