Top 5 Taboo Sex Acts That Are Completely Normal

August 09, 2021 3 min read

Top 5 Taboo Sex Acts That Are Completely Normal

In the past few years, we as a society have moved forward and grown and we are definitely reaching a new era of sexual awakening. But, are we comfortable talking about all the stigmas around Sex? According to Alex Miller “ Anything between two (or more) consenting adults, involving safe words (if necessary), performed in private, is encouraged.”

Here are the top 5 sex acts that are completely normal

  • Casual Sex Is Your Choice

Finding that one person for yourself has always been difficult. Why is having multiple sexual partners a taboo in our society? Casual dating is all the buzz now so if someone is hooking up with one person on a monday and a different one on thursday, it doesn’t say anything about their character.

It’s great if you have found someone who is loyal and trustworthy, but that doesn’t give you the right to judge people who are still looking for their perfect one.

  • Orgasms are Equally Important

Do you orgasm every time you have sex? If no, then you are not alone. With so much research around this subject, it has been figured out that penetrative sex is not enough to orgasm for some people. So if you aren’t reaching your orgasm, talk to your partner, try something new. If you both are comfortable, then add a third party ( person or toy, your choice).

We all know that women do take longer to orgasm, but why is that such a stigma in our society. It has been believed that sex bring the animalistic needs and behaviour of a man. What about women’s needs? When will we be comfortable to talk about that maybe women require something more.

  • Sex Toys Only Add More Fun

Don’t look at Toys R Us , that's not where you would find them. It’s not only about the woman’s pleasure but also the man. So many people swear by using toys while being sexually intimate, and it is nothing to be shy about. If you are a little freaky that way and want to try something new, talk to your partner about adding a special something while being intimate and if that doesn’t take you to cloud 9, then you should try a different one ( so many to choose from).

Sex Toys

Do you know how many types of sex toys are available in the market? Toys are not only to be used between couples, if you are single, you can join the party as well.

  • Masturbation Is Very Important

I remember someone told me, if you masturbate you will be sent to hell. I wish I could have told the person that the hell is worth it. Most religious groups have condemned masturbation because they believe it ignites sexual promiscuity and inhibits a person’s self control. If you do not understand your own pleasure, do you really believe your partner would be able to fulfill your desires? “Hold the key to your own happiness” and that is exactly what I am talking about. If you are not comfortable, don’t be a part of it, but don’t think of it as something that could ruin you if you take part in it.

  • BDSM- The Dominant/ The Submissive

What are your thoughts on Christian Grey and his red room of pain? The whole thought between handcuffs and whips is to elicit excitement. Our sexuality is complicated, we all have our own kinks and fetishes, some even unknown to us. BDSM which stands for ‘Bondage, Dominance and Submission and Masochism’, sounds scary doesn’t it? It all depends on the intensity that you are comfortable with. Again, don’t take part in it if you don’t want but if you ever want to spice up your sex life, handcuffs and whips go a long way.


These things and many others are more common than you can even imagine. These ideas lurk in the shadows because we do not let them out. Trying out things that you think are a taboo will teach you about the world and even more about your own self. By this I don’t mean that you should jump the gun, but if you have a conversation about such topics, you will understand your own pleasure and even your partners.

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