9 Quick Tips For Men On How To Use A Condom Properly

August 26, 2022 5 min read

Why Should I Use Condoms?

Condoms are one of the most easily available contraception and not only prevent unwanted pregnancies but are the only method of contraceptives that also prevent STIs and STDs to some level.

What are Condoms?

Condoms are basically sized pouches made of latex that prevent the sperm from entering the vagina. While a male condom is worn on an erect and hard penis and is usually made of latex, there are also some condoms that are made of materials that are safer for people who have latex allergies. A female condom is inserted in the vagina with a flexible ring at either of the ends. Female condoms are made of materials that are safe for people who have latex allergies.

How Do I Use A Condom?

If you are sexually active then you should keep a few condoms with you for whenever you might need one. Make sure that every time you initiate sex you should use a new condom and never reuse an older one. If you are a person who takes part in different kinds of sex then throwing out and putting on a new condom between anal and oral sex is also important.

Keep the condom on during the entire duration of sex. You should take it off if it breaks and then you should replace it instantly. Make sure you don’t use a male and female condom together because one of them can either slip off or break due to excess friction. 

How to use Male Condoms?

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the condom is in good condition. Check the expiration date and the package of the condom. Open the wrapper carefully and do not use your teeth to tear the wrapper. Place the condom on the tip of a fully erect penis. If you’re uncircumcised then make sure to back the foreskin first. Leave half an inch of space at the tip for space when you ejaculate. This will also prevent the condom from breaking . Make sure you pinch out the air and roll it all the way down. Once the sex ends but before your penis gets soft, grab the rim of the condom and pull it out gently. Wrap the condom in a tissue and throw it away where other people cannot touch it.

male condoms

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How to use Female Condoms?

Carefully open the wrapper and take the condom out. You will have to get in a comfortable position with one foot on a chair or squatting. Squeeze the sides of the inner ring at the closed ring and insert the condom like you would a tampon. You can use a water based lube to prevent friction and tearing. Push the condom as far as you can and the outer ring will hang a little outside your body a little. You can guide your partner’s penis into the condom and once sex is over twist close the the outer ring and pull the condom and you can just throw it away. Do not flush the condom or even reuse the condom. 

Female Condoms

How Do Condoms Work?

The male and female condoms shouldn’t be used at the same time because friction can break either of them or even make them stick together making sex difficult and even painful. Every time you initiate sex, you should use a new condom. If you are using latex based condoms then you shouldn’t use an oil based lubricant because this can break down the latex in condoms and risk pregnancies and STDs.  You should also keep in mind that long nails and sharp piercing can also rip the condom. Remember that when you take the condom out of its wrapper and if it seems dry, sticky or stiff you need to throw it away and get a new one instead. Which is why if you have several condoms on hand then there would be no problem. Make sure you store unused condoms in a cool and dry place and definitely not in your wallet.

Can Condoms protect you from STDs?

Any type of condoms can help prevent not just pregnancies but also STDs only if they are used correctly. Although condoms that are made of lambskin do not really prevent STDs especially AIDS.  If you have sores on your skin and are not protected by a condom then they don’t prevent infections. Abstinence which is not having sex is the only method that always prevents unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

Can Condoms Cause Problems?

Although most people do not see any problems in using condoms, there are some who notice some side effects.

  1. People who have a latex allergy can face some allergic reactions to condoms made of latex.

  2. Some people also face irritation on their penis or the insides of the vagina because of lubricants or substances that the condom is made of.

Who are Condoms For?

Condoms are for everyone and all of you should consider using them to help protect yourself from STDs. Condoms are the only contraceptive method available for guys other than vasectomies of course but this allows men to take responsibility for birth control.

When Should I Call the Doctor?

If you are a female that uses condoms then you should call a doctor:

  1. If a condom broke during sex.

  2. If there’s a change in the smell or color of the discharge.

  3. If you get unexplained fever or even chills

  4. If you are experiencing belly pain

  5. If you experience pain during sex.

If you are a male that uses condoms then you should call a doctor:

  1. If a condom breaks during sex

  2. If you notice lesions or bumps on your penis

  3. If you experience pain on your penis

  4. If you notice discharge from your penis

Tips for Men to use a condom properly

  1. You can put on a condom at any time before or during sex.

  2. Carefully take the condom out of the packet so you don’t tear it.

  3. If you think it's sticky, stiff, brittle or expired, throw it out.

  4. Only roll on a condom if your penis is erect.

  5. Keep the condom on from start to finish.

  6. Never repeat a condom, use a new one every time.

  7. If the condom does not have space on the tip then pinch the tip and leave about half an inch of space.

  8. If you think it broke or tore in the middle of sex, then stop an put on a new condom right away.

Safe Sex with Condoms

Tips for Women to use a condom properly

  1. Put some lube on the outside of the closed end so it goes in easier.

  2. Make sure the condom doesn’t get twisted while putting it in.

  3. If you feel that your partner’s penis is slipping between the condom then you should and guide your partner.

Should I keep a condom in my pocket?

Although you should always be prepared, you should never keep a condom in your wallet or any warm place like the glove compartment. This can weaken the lubricant and break the condom down because of the heat.

Can condoms expire?

Although most condoms are good for 3 to 5 years, you should still check the expiration date on the condoms before use.

Can one condom size fit all?

Although a standard size is large enough to accommodate most sizes of penises, there are some people who may require a larger size of condoms. A few things to keep in mind is that a condom shouldn’t be too large and loose and not be extremely tight either. So for some cases one size may not fit all.

The Dos & Don'ts of Condoms

  1. DO use a condom every time that you have sex

  2. DO check the expiration date

  3. DO make sure there no tears

  4. DO store condoms in a cool and dry place

  5. DO use water or silicone based lubricants with latex based condoms

  6. DON’T reuse a condom

  7. DON’T use oil based products with latex condoms

  8. DON’T use multiple condoms at one time

  9. DON’T store condoms in your wallet

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