Condoms are the best contraceptive that is easily available and accessible to all. They act as a physical barrier from bacteria, STD’s and any unwanted pregnancies. The concept is that if the sperm can be prevented from entering the uterus, it will not be able to fertilize the egg leading to protection against pregnancy. Both male and female condoms are available in the market. This is the difference between male and female condoms.

Male Condom 

The male condom is worn over the man’s erect penis. It could be made of latex, polyurethane or polyisoprene. For those susceptible to latex, there are specific condoms made from lambskin accessible. The male condom has the differentiation of being the most well-known preventative utilized by couples around the world.

As well as giving insurance from origination, the male condom is likewise ready to protect the client from physically communicated contaminations like HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea. This is particularly valuable for those having sex with different accomplices.

Just remember to throw away the condom after one use and also wash up after with intimate wash for men to remove all and any residual that would be left behind from condoms and lubricants.

Female Condom

The female condom is pushed inside the vagina as a coating or a counterfeit pocket. It is made of polyurethane or nitrile polymer which is a manufactured elastic. It seems to be a greased-up pocket with two closures, one of which is open and the other shut. Both the closures have adaptable solid rings at the finishes which help to keep the female condom set up after inclusion.

While it is accepted that female condoms may likewise give security against physically communicated contaminations, it isn’t as powerful as the male condom as somebody’s fluids might be traded. Embedding the female condom appropriately into the vagina should be polished with the goal that it is set accurately. Additionally, the moving of the pocket of the female condom during sex is viewed as ordinary.

Sex is all about the right mood. Dirty talk may take you a long way but dirty intimates are a total vibe killer. Having a daily intimate hygiene routine that includes a balls wash for men or an intimate wash for men or women, will not only make you feel cleaner but will also enhance the intimate experience for you and your partner. Safety is needed for everything and from everything.


There are numerous contraception strategies that a couple in a sexual relationship might decide to utilize. Nonetheless, for speedy contraception, the condoms give off an impression of being the quickest acting decision. When utilized appropriately, both male and female condoms are exceptionally successful in forestalling an undesirable pregnancy.

No contraception strategy is 100 percent viable, yet condoms in all actuality do quite often work really hard in general. There is a 21% possibility of becoming pregnant while utilizing a female condom. This is extensively higher than the 14% opportunity of pregnancy while utilizing a male condom. You can utilize each of the condoms in turn. Male and female condoms can’t be utilized together. In any case, different contraceptives, for example, spermicides or the oral prophylactic pill can be utilized with either the male or the female condom.

The male condom is more successful than the female condom at forestalling pregnancy. This is likely on the grounds that it is simpler to put on the erect penis as opposed to embedding a female condom into the vagina and guaranteeing that the inward ring hits the cervix.

Hygiene and Condoms

Just remember to throw away the condom after one use and also wash up after with intimate wash for men to remove all and any residual that would be left behind from condoms and lubricants.

Following an intimate hygiene routine that includes a men’s intimate wash is important for all. Using the same soap you use for the rest of your body is not such a great idea. Soaps contain chemicals and artificial fragrances that can disrupt the pH level of your intimates and cause infections. An intimate wash for men made with natural ingredients will control the sweat and foul odor of your intimates and make you feel clean, fresh, and dry all day. Washing up after having sex is extremely important as this will help in avoiding any kinds of bacteria and infections and any residuals left behind from condoms and lubricants.