There are a number of changes that you may notice post sex. Some of them are listed below. 


  • No Protection Used

If you and your partner are not into using protection or use other forms of birth control, then you may notice semen leaking out of your vagina. It is definitely not a case to worry about, because the semen has no other place to go, so naturally it leaks out. The most common post-sex tip we give to women is to always urinate after. This helps in expelling all fluids and bacteria out of your body, so that you don’t contract an infection. While you’re at it, make sure you and your partner always wash up post sex with a gentle intimate wash so that all the bad bacteria is removed and so is the residual from any kind of lubricant.

Balls wash for men

  • Flushed Body Parts

It is extremely common to notice some flushing in some parts of the body post sex. Your body responds to the excitement of sex and it flushes because of the increased blood flow. Flushing of body parts tends to clear up within a few minutes but can also linger for a longer period in some people. However, the reaction is completely normal and resolves on its own.


  • Tired or Sleepy

Although this is more common in men than in women, but most people find themselves tired and sleepy post sex. It is exhausting as sex does require a good deal of physical effort. Along with that, our body releases a number of hormones during an orgasm and our body reacts to the sedative properties of these. 


  • Itchy Body

It is also very common to feel itchy in your genitals post sex due to the friction caused between the two bodies. It is also possible that your body reacts negatively to the latex in condoms or a certain type of lubricant that you may have used. Although the itch and rash should clear up in a few days with a proper intimate hygiene routine that includes an intimate wash for men or women. Check with your doctor if the rash doesn’t clear up in 5-6 days or if it starts to bleed.


What Should You do Post Sex?


1. Post urinating, taking a shower after sex is the best tip to maintain overall hygiene. Using an intimate wash for men or women is not just important before sex but also after. A gentle intimate wash will remove any and all residual left behind condoms and lubricants that can cause infections in the long run.


2. If you are not into the skin to skin contact while cuddling, then change into some loose fitting clothes. Tighter clothes can cause more sweat and moisture buildup and become the breeding grounds for bacteria. 


3. If you happen to use any sex toys in your love making, then make sure you clean those as well. You can clean out the strapons and dildos with an intimate wash for men or women but not the ones that run on battery. For cleaning those out get some intimate wipes and just wipe the bacteria away.