Itching in the private area is normal. Saying that, itching on any part of the body can cause a lot of discomfort. Your penis might be itchy due to a bacterial or fungal infection. If you don’t treat it at time, it can cause serious infections and other problems in the long run. 

What Causes this Itch?

 An itchy penis can be because of multiple reasons. Your genital area is the home to a number of microbes, some good for your body and others not so good. You can face itch in this area if the bad bacteria grows more in number and causes an infection.  It’s possible that these microbes are transmitted during sexual intercourse from your partner. An irritation can spread all over and around the penis if not treated properly.

These are the most common reason for an itchy penis: 

  • Yeast Infection

Yes, it’s true, men can get yeast infections as well. You may experience a burning sensation on your foreskin as underside the foreskin is the most favorable condition for the bacteria to grow. Other symptoms may include a white thick discharge at the head of the penis, redness, swelling , pain and intense itch in the area. 

  • Herpes

Herpes is transmitted sexually and causes itching inside as well as on the foreskin of the penis. You may also notice small and painful sores on the foreskin. If you notice any of these symptoms, you might want to check with your doctor for the best possible treatment for you. 

  • Ingrown Hair

If you shave, you might be very well acquainted with the hair that curls and grows on the inside of your skin. If you shave in your genital area, these ingrown hairs can cause a number of issues for you. They are one of the bigger causes of itch and irritation in the genital area. Ingrown hair comes with blisters, razor bumps and the intense urge to itch all the time.

  • Scabies

Scabies is caused by mites that make burrows in the skin and cause an intense itch in your genital area. You can also see the burrow marks in the area and mostly caused by contact dermatitis. 

  • Contact Dermatitis

 Just like the name, contact dermatitis happens if you come in contact with a soap, detergent, fabric or latex that you may be allergic to. Using soap in the intimate area also causes an itch in the privates. There are specific intimate wash for men which are made just to keep your intimate area clean. It could result in dry skin, genital rashes, bumps, and allergic reactions.

How To Prevent This Itch?

 In order to prevent itching, the causes should also be avoided. Avoid soaps that are used for the rest of the body. Get the best balls wash for men  which is made with natural ingredients. Showering daily is the most common tip to maintain intimate hygiene, so here are 6 tips to prevent penis itching.

1.Clean the  Foreskin

Remember that the foreskin needs to be cleaned as well, as it becomes the breeding ground for bacteria because of the accumulation of sweat and dirt. Since the viruses can easily latch onto the foreskin, it should be cleaned with a gentle intimate wash for men and water daily. Make sure any sweat or dirt is removed to avoid itching. 

2. Substances to Avoid

 Your intimate area is extremely sensitive and prone to infections. As we mentioned before, contact dermatitis happens in the case where a certain soap, detergent or fabric irritates the skin that causes itch and rashes. The normal soap that you use on your body has added chemicals and fragrances that irritate the skin. Which is why you should get a gentle intimate wash which is made with natural ingredients and suits your hygiene needs. 

Balls wash for men3. Practice Proper Hygiene

The most basic hygiene tip is to shower daily. You can maintain your intimate hygiene in one simple tip. A Balls wash for men  which is made of natural ingredients is made for your intimates and keeps them clean and fresh all day long. It balances the pH which leads to preventing infection causing bacteria, thus controlling itch in your privates.

4.  Barriers during Sexual Activity

There are many STI that also cause an itchy penis. It occurs when the genital area comes in contact with an already infected area. These infection types can be easily avoided if proper protective barriers are used.

Condoms are the most commonly known protective barriers for this purpose. The latex covering prevents the penis skin from directly contacting the partner’s skin. Hence, it lessens the chances of any infection.

5.  Shaving Habits

 Although trimming is a better option to maintain hygiene, here are some things for you to remember if you plan on shaving. Make sure you always use a moisturizing lubricant, because this will prevent rashes and itching and any other type of discomfort. Since your intimates are home to a lot of bacteria, change your razor after every use and never shave the same spot multiple times. Plan your shaving ritual and give enough gap for your skin to heal in the middle . 

Usually you can manage any penis itch at home. The right time to see a doctor is if the itch is persistent for more than 3 days or you notice blisters or bumps on your skin which point towards an STI. Don’t try treating these sores at home as you will only make it worse. Every infection has a different cure and only a doctor would be able to help you out with the right kind of medication. Other than an STI, you can use a gentle intimate wash  or a jabon intimo para hombre and will naturally take care of any simple infections like yeast or fungus. Just remember shower daily and use the right soap for the right place.