The French word “douche” means “to wash”. Douching is a method some women swear by where they try to clean the insides of their privates after menstruation or sometimes after unprotected sex with water or a mixture of fluids like water and vinegar. Other than that a douche is usually sold in pre-packaged mixtures in a bottle with a nozzle on the top. Douching is different from cleaning your intimates from the outside. Washing your privates with water from the outside will not harm you, but douching can lead to a number of complications in the entire body.

There are many women who claim that douching makes them feel cleaner and fresher, but there is really not much proof about the advantage of douching. Disadvantages, on the other hand, are many and proven. A better way to be clean and fresh down there is to use a high-quality intimate wash for women.

Water in itself has a higher pH and mixing it with other liquids will create an environment for the bacteria to make themselves home. Douching can cause the good bacteria to wash out, which can result in infections. There are many studies that show that women who take part in the process of douching are more likely to get bacterial vaginosis. This can result in premature pregnancies and increase the chances of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIs).

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is an infection that can affect the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tube resulting in complications in pregnancies later on. Douching also increases the chances of ectopic pregnancies, where the embryo implants itself outside the uterus, which is dangerous if not treated on time. An increased chance of cervical cancer is also a result of douching in many women.

All your body parts show symptoms in a different way towards diseases and infection and so do your privates. Douching will not cure these infections but mask them and make them worse which may be difficult for your doctor to cure at a later stage.

Doctors and Gynaecologists all around the world advise women to avoid douching at all costs. Douching cannot help in removing the odour. Since the pH level of your privates is towards the acidic side, a little odour is normal, water and a mild soap could be used to reduce the odour. Your intimates are self-cleaning organs and do not require to be sprayed down. The most you can do is use an intimate wash for women. There is a range of intimate washes for women that you can choose from based on your intimate needs,  that will leave you feeling clean and fresh. If the odour is very strong, you should check with your doctor for any infections.