Exercise and sports are a big part of everyone’s life. In one way or another everybody takes part in some form of physical activity. With physical activity comes sweat, which means accumulation of dirt causing irritation and itching. The best solution to prevent itch and irritation is to use a gentle intimate wash. In the long run, not following a hygiene routine after working out can cause serious disease. The most common ways in which infections increase are:

  • Sharing towels, razors, soaps, water bottles, equipment or whirlpools
  • Skin injuries like turf burns and abrasions, and chaffing
  • Prolonged contact with workout or sports clothes – jerseys, sweatsuits, swimming costumes.
  • Not using an Intimate wash for men or women.

Sports hygiene also plays an important role in preventing disease, and proper hygiene can help reduce the spread of bacteria. Here are some easy tips to avoid breeding germs on your body.

Showering is Key

After an intense workout, a shower will provide the perfect respite. Showering is the most important step to maintaining intimate hygiene. Just like every part of your body is different, it also requires different care and products. Much like how you use a specific face wash based on your skin type, you should also use a specific intimate hygiene wash that is made for your skin type and preference. The one thing you should remember is that you should buy a jabon intimo para hombre or an intimate wash for men which is specifically made for you so that there is no disruption in the pH balance, Men and women cannot share the same intimate wash because their needs are different, so my dear boys buy a men’s intimate wash for yourself and the same for you as well ladies.

Fresh clothes

Changing into fresh clothes after the workout will not only keep you fresh but also away from disease-causing bacteria. Clothes are a very important part of our personality. Sweaty and dirty clothes degrade your appearance in social situations. Make sure you put on fresh clothes before every workout so that sweat and dirt don’t stick to your body and cause infections.

Washing Hands

This is something we’ve heard thousands of times, but it is among the most effective and easiest ways to prevent the passing of germs. Sometimes people wash their hands but don’t do it in the most hygienic way. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you use antibacterial soap and wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Sports Gear

Sports equipment often gets used multiple times per week or even per day, and oftentimes they don’t get taken care of the proper way. Sometimes athletes shove their equipment in a bag after practice and it doesn’t get washed or disinfected. Just how you clean and wash vegetables before eating, keeping your sports gear clean is also equally important. Yes, some equipment cannot be put underwater but they can be cleaned with hygiene wipes so that the bacteria and dirt that stays back does not spread and make you sick.

Intimate hygiene is very important because your intimates are the easiest bacteria breeding place. Since your intimates do not come under direct sunlight and sweat and dirt get accumulated, infection-causing bacteria make it their home which can cause irritation, itching, and even lead to serious diseases down the line. Using a hygiene wash for men which is made with chemical-free ingredients which balance the pH level of your privates and is suited for your skin type is very important.

Sports provide an amazing opportunity for kids of all ages to spend time with their friends, learn from people they look up to, and begin understanding teamwork and the qualities that come with being a team player – including sharing! Sharing is a phenomenal trait for people to possess until it includes germs and sickness.