Intimate hygiene as the name suggests is keeping your privates clean and hygienic. Your intimates in terms of pH are much more acidic in nature than the rest of your body. This helps in maintaining the growth of good bacteria which keeps your intimates healthy. Using the soaps available in the market that contain artificial fragrances and chemicals ruins the pH balance of your privates which can cause the growth of infection-causing bacteria. Maintaining intimate health is actually easy; all you need to do is shower daily, invest in a good men’s intimate wash and follow these few tips.

  1. Use an Intimate Wash for men

Intimate wash for men

When it comes to maintaining hygiene, the skin in your intimate area requires special, delicate care. Washing with ordinary soaps/ gels can lead to an imbalance in pH levels, which in turn can lead to problems like itching, odour, and infections. If you are already suffering from an infection, washing with soaps can worsen the problem. Use high-quality dermatological and gynecological tested men’s balls wash which is known as jabon intimo para hombre that’s also hypoallergenic. Pour a few drops on your hand and use it as you would wash with liquid soap.


  1. Post Sex

Washing up before sex is a very well-known fact and also common sense. But washing down there post sexual intercourse is also highly important. Washing your privates post-sex with a hygiene wash for men will ensure that no residue from condoms or lubricants stays back which can cause infections.

  1. Cotton Fabrics

Cotton clothes allow the skin to breathe, unlike synthetic that block the circulation of air. If there’s no air circulation, the humidity levels in the intimate area can increase, creating a favorable environment for harmful bacteria to grow. Also, avoid wearing clothes like tight jeans, bottoms, and pants.

  1. Abrasive Materials

Use a soft and fully dried towel to soak up the water. Ensure that you wash this towel in warm water with a mild soap, once in two days. The skin in your privates is super delicate. So make sure that you apply a gentle intimate wash with your hands and not any abrasive sponges or gloves.

With these few tips and the best intimate wash for men, you can keep your privates away from infections, itch, and bad odor.