Intimate hygiene has resonated with only women for the longest time. Intimate hygiene as the name suggests is keeping your intimates clean and hygienic. Many of us still don’t know the difference between regular hygiene and intimate hygiene. The skin of our intimates is extremely sensitive which is why intimate hygiene is important for all irrespective of age or gender. Growth of bacteria in your privates is because of the sweat and moisture in your intimate area. Soaps may be enough for the rest of your body but your intimates require something more. Most soaps in the market are made with artificial fragrances and chemicals which can ruin the pH balance of intimates that can cause the growth of bad bacteria that can increase the chances of infections in your privates. A balls wash for men is made for this exact reason. The best men’s intimate wash made with natural ingredients is the best way to make sure your privates stay fresh and clean all day long.


Intimate wash for men

What is men’s Intimate Wash?

Men and women just like the rest of their bodies also have different needs when it comes to their intimates. Male intimate pH varies between 5.3- 5.8, whereas women’s pH balance varies between 3.5 – 4.5. All intimate washes are made keeping in mind the pH balance and the delicate skin of the intimates. 

There are separate washes made for men and women. A men’s intimate wash balances the pH level and takes care of the sensitive skin of male genitalia and all the problems related to it. When it comes to maintaining hygiene, the skin in your intimate area requires special, delicate care. Washing with ordinary soaps/ gels can lead to imbalance in pH levels, which in turn can lead to problems like itching, odour and infections. If you are already suffering from an infection, washing with soaps can worsen the problem. Use high-quality dermatologically and gynaecologically tested intimate wash for men that’s also hypoallergenic. Pour a few drops on your hand and use it like you would wash with liquid soap.

The intimate area of men has a different pH than women. PH is the degree of acidity of our skin. If we use products with a lower or higher pH than our skin, we will destroy your hydrolipidic mantle or natural protective barrier and unbalanced skin is a skin that is unprotected or “low defense”. So to maintain healthy skin, either in the intimate area or in the rest of the body, it is very important to always wash with a soap that has the pH value as close as possible to that of our skin

The best way to maintain your intimate health is to choose the best intimate wash for men that is made with natural ingredients and without any artificial fragrances and chemicals and that maintains your intimate pH level and suits your skin type.