Not maintaining regular intimate hygiene leads to the accumulation of sweat, dirt, and body odour and this increases the risk of yeast infections. A balance between regular and gentle cleaning is the perfect way to avoid any risk of infections and irritation. Although regular cleaning of your groin is important it is equally important to make sure that the process is in no way harming the skin, especially in such delicate areas. Harsh chemicals in soap and scrubbing too hard can leave skin damaged and inflamed. A jabon intimo para hombre or an intimate wash for men is specially designed so that they clean the skin on and around the private parts whilst maintaining the Ph balance of your skin and without causing any side effects.

Intimate wash for men

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Is intimate wash safe to use for men?

Yes, using an intimate wash for men is definitely safe to use. The best intimate wash for men is the one that is made with natural ingredients and the one that gives you a fresh, dry feeling in your genital area, making sure it remains fresh and kills bacteria and infections that accumulate around the region, causing penis infections and allergies among countless men. Following a proper intimate hygiene routine, you can easily avoid infections. Not washing or maintaining proper intimate hygiene regularly leads to body odour, accumulation of sweat and dirt, and even increased chances of yeast infection.

Do you really need to use an intimate wash for men?

Intimate hygiene has resonated with women for the longest time. But with all the artificial fragrances and chemicals that are present in the soaps in the market, you need a balls wash for men as well. Using an intimate wash for women instead of a  hygiene wash for men can disrupt the pH balance of the intimates which can lead to infections. The skin in the male pubic area is slightly acidic which helps to maintain the natural body bacteria while keeping their numbers in check. Any disturbance in this acidity (pH) can cause the bacteria to grow out of control and cause an infection.

How does an intimate wash help?

Normal soaps tend to be alkaline and change the pH of the skin. Being very sensitive, the intimate area is prone to catching infections more quickly than the rest of the body. The cleansing agents help in removing dirt and sweat while keeping the skin in a healthy balance. Mens balls wash is very mild so that they can be used daily.

A men’s intimate hygiene wash is developed by keeping the natural pH of the male skin in mind so as to not affect this area in any way.